"Our relationship with nature improves and grows every day through new technics and quality standards, without altering the eviorment:

Nowadays the Vallata agricultural company is able to product an market more than 30 apricots harvested during the various period of the year.

Different varieties

“The apricot is characterized by a sweet and delicate taste. It is very rich in beneficial substances,
numerous mineral salts, and in particular Potassium, vitamin a, pp and b .”


Wonder cot
• Luna                           
• Pinkot                           
Carmen top
Magic cot 
• Flopria

• Lilly Cot 
• Big Red
• Robada 
New Jersey 
Bella di Imola 
• Laycot 
• Kioto 
• Sungiant

• Harrogem 
• Orange Rubis 
• Sabbatani 
• Tardive de Time 
• Faraglia 
• Lady Elena 
• Lady Cot 

• Farbaly 
• Fartoly 
• Farclo
• Farlis 


Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 mashed basket
of 750 g | 1 kg

Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 basket
of 500 g | 750 g | 1 kg with cover

Box 20x30

Carton box or wood from
2 kg net with cover

Platò 30x50

Carton platò or wood with 8 baskets
with handle 1 kg o 6 open boxes 1,5 kg

Box 40X60

Monolayer box
from 5 kg | 6 kg

Box 30X40

Carton box or wood
from 5 kg | 6 kg netti

“In Casalfiumanese every year in the month of June there is Festival Apricot. It is a party day of confrontation and insight that have as protagonist the 'PRUNUS ARMENIACA'" (Albicocco).


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