At the beginning of May we are able to provide our costumers with the first apricots from Spain integrating with the Italian product from the third decade of the same month.
Nowadays Franceschelli Bruno s.r.l. sells more than 30 varieties of apricots grown at different times of the year.

Different varieties

“The apricot is characterized by a sweet and delicate taste.
It's very rich in beneficial substances, numerous mineral salts and in particular Potassium, vitamin A PP and B.”


 Mirlo Blanco
• Mirlo Rojo
• Colorado
• Flopria
• Rojo Pasion
• Flodea

Wonder cot
• Luna                           
• Pinkot                           
Carmen top
Magic cot 
• Flopria

• Lilly Cot 
• Big Red
• Robada 
New Jersey 
Bella di Imola 
• Laycot 
• Kioto 
• Sungiant

• Harrogem 
• Orange Rubis 
• Sabbatani 
• Tardive de Time 
• Faraglia 
• Lady Elena 
• Lady Cot 

• Farbaly 
• Fartoly 
• Farclo
• Farlis 


Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 mashed baskets
of 750 g | 1 kg

Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 baskets
of 500 g | 750 g | 1 kg with cover

Box 20x30

Carton box or wood
from 2 kg ne with cover

Platò 30x50

Carton platò or wood with 8 baskets
with handle 1 kg o 6 opened boxes 1,5 kg

Box 40X60

monolayer box
from 5 kg | 6 kg

Box 30X40

carton box or wood
from 5 kg | 6 kg netti

“In Casalfiumanese every year in the month of June there is a Festival Apricot.
It is a party of confrontation and insight that have as protagonist the 'Prunus Armeniaca'" (Albicocco).


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