It si undoubtedly the best autumn and winter product for excellence.
The Castel del Rio I.GP. stands out for its sweetest of fragrant taste, which recalls aromas and flavor of the wood.
The chestnut contains catious nutrient and dietary, rich in potassium and for this reason it is able to improve resistance and work capacity.
The marketing of this product, thanks to our strage technologies lasts until the mounth of February.


The harvesting period is between September and October with the arrival of autumn


Jute bags

Available in bags from
3 kg | 5 kg | 20 kg | 25 kg | 30 kg

40X60 Container

Container box with 10 girsac
from 1 kg

30X40 Container

Container in cardboard or wood
from 5 kg net

Sacks in the net

Available in bags from
3 kg | 5 kg | 10 kg

40X60 Container

Carton box with 15 girsac
from 750 g

30X40 Container

Carton box with 10 girsac
from 500 g


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