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About us

We are a young reality, born in 2007 composed by people who have years of experience. Our passion allowed us to create a synergy between the professionals that compose; it aimed to obtain increasingly high quality productions year by year. Our ambition is to be able to offer to our final customers at different times of the year healthy and wholesome products.

"In our orchards"

"With passion"

"On your tables"

"For your health"


Operational headquarters

We are in the Calle del Santerno, in Casal Fiumanese area. The processing and packaging warehouse in located here. The land of our products are located in several areas of the valley. In the light part of the valley we arrive at Castel del Rio, an area where our production of Marroni known whit brand I.G.P.


The logistic guaranteed by own partnership, thanks to the use of the first level technologies for the production of cold allows us to offer safe and faste services.


Nowdays the company La Vallata is able to produce and market more varieties fo apricots, peaches, plums, chestnut and Marroni typical of castel del Rio with brand I.G.P.  

Us and the envoirment

Having the maximum respect for the integrated photovoltaic enviorment,so we have and enviromental impact equal ZERO.
This self-supply of clean electricity generates a significant saving in CO2 emission.

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