"The great strength of the Vallata Agricultural Company, begins with the cultivation of every single product in the county side with the assistance of professionals who follow and take care of each phase"

Our company sells yellow and white peaches nectarineyellow and white pasta.

“ Romagna is the cradle of National Procuction”


PEACH YELLOW PASTA, characterized by a bright yellow color and a velvety skin.
PEACH WHITE PASTA, with light pulp and always velvety to the touch.
PEACH NECTARINE YELLOW, also called PESCA NOCE with yellow pulp and smooth reddish skin.
PESCA NETTARINA BIANCA, light pulp and smooth reddish skin.
TABACCHIERA PEACH, more commonly known as SATURNINA foe its flat and unusual shape, whit a pulp and much sweeter than the classic peaches.


Pan 30X50

Carton pan or wood monolayer
4 kg | 5 kg

Container 40X60

Monolayer carton box
5 kg | 6 kg net

40X60 Container

Carton box with 10 meshed baskets
from 1 kg net

40X60 Container

Carton box with 10 baskets
from 500 g | 750 g with cover
(flat peaches only)

“Peaches and nectarines are defined as the fruits of summer.
They are rehydrating, thirst-quenching, rich in potassium and beta carotene"


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