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Plums are among the most popular summer fruits. In Italy, the most productive areas are Emilia Romagna. These fruits are rich in Vitamin A, which has strong antioxidant power. Originally, from Eurasia and northen America, it arrived in europe around 20.000 years ago.

“Originally from Eurasia and northen America, it arrived in Europe around 20.000 years ago.”


SUSINA GOLDEN PLUM, round and light yellow pulp.

PRUGNA PRESIDENTE, of round shape reddish dark purple color, not particolary sweet but very good
PRUGNA GROSSA DI FELISIO, of round shape, violet color, of big dimension, sweet pulp
SUSINA FORTUNA, of round shape and reddish pulp yellow color, high size.
SUSINE TC SUN, of round shape and yellow like pulp inside

PRUGNA STANLEY, of round shape, dark purple color

SUSINE ANGELENO, they are a round and purple color tending to black, white/yellow pulp.


Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 meshed baskets
of 750 g | 1 kg

Box 40X60

Carton box with 10 baskets
of 500 g | 750 g | 1k g with cover

Box 20x30

Carton box or wood from
2 kg net with cover

Platò 30x50

carton platò or wood with 8 baskets
with handle 1 kg or 6 opened box 1,5 kg

Box 40X60

Monolayer box
from 5kg | 6kg

Box 30X40

Carton box or wood
from 5 kg | 6 kg netti

“Consumption of plums: can be consumed fresh, or used in the preparation of jams;
those with a firm pulp are excellent in syrup. Some varieties of plums are consumed also dry for their laxative and detoxifying properties.”


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